Sexual Assault Center

Do you need help? Call our 24/7 Hotline and Crisis Line at (423) 745-5289

Our sexual assault program offers support and services to individuals who have experienced sexual assault at any time in their life. We provide services and resources to victims and survivors based upon their immediate needs and long-term goals. Sexual assault can occur in many forms: child sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation, trafficking, sexual harassment, and stalking. We are here to support these individuals in any way we can.

Our Services

24 Hour Crisis Help-Line (423-745-5289)

Our crisis hotline is operated by our trained Sexual Assault Victim Advocates (SAVA) 24/7. Upon receiving a call, the SAVA will communicate the caller’s immediate needs and assess the severity of the situation. The SAVA will begin to provide services based upon these needs, ensuring that the caller is safe. These calls are 100% confidential — with the exclusion of mandatory reporting involving anyone under the age of 18 years old.  

 Victim Advocacy

Victim advocacy is an essential part of the sexual assault program here at The HOPE Center, Inc. We have sexual assault advocates (SAVA’s) whose primary role is to provide support and services to each client throughout their immediate crisis response and/or recovery. This may include crisis intervention, safety planning, hospital accompaniment, arranging transportation to a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE), providing information and resources, explaining victims’ rights, or just listening to a survivors story.

SAVA’s are able to aid in communicating and reporting to our local law enforcement.They will also provide information and assistance with filing for compensation through Tennessee’s Criminal Injuries Compensation program ( ie Victim’s Compensation).

SAVA’s will check in on victims or survivors throughout the onset of services and provide needed updates regarding social services and criminal and/or civil justice procedures, as well.


The sexual assault program may provide transportation, or assist in the arrangement of, for emergency crisis situations or obtaining other services that aid in the individual’s healing.

SAFE’s/Hospital Accompaniment

Sexual Assault Forensic Exams (SAFEs) are provided by a specially trained registered nurse known as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). Currently, we are able to provide these exams on-site during business hours. If an individual would like a SAFE after hours, a SAVA will be available to provide support through accompaniment at the hospital.

Counseling and Other Referral Resources

The HOPE Center, Inc. collaborates with many agencies and organizations within the community to provide clients with resources that meet their needs. After enduring trauma, individuals may seek counseling but have concerns about where to go and how much it will cost. Thanks to our interagency collaboration with Omni Community Health, we are able to provide clients trauma-informed counseling, locally and at no-cost to them. Individuals may also find themselves facing other dilemmas as a result of their victimization and seek assistance; our SAVA will offer any information and resources available.