Help Us

We love our communities! Throughout Bradley, McMinn, Monroe, Polk and Meigs County we are consistently reminded that not only do we live in a beautiful place, but we have some of the best neighbors a person could ever ask for! It never ceases to amaze us the amount our community wants to help. We thank you!


Depending on the time of year, a volunteer’s interests or skills, and the current needs of the agency, volunteer work at our agency is varied and flexible. Volunteering usually means that you will either be helping at The Children’s Advocacy Center or at our Sexual Assault Program.  Volunteers can also help our Domestic Violence Program & Shelter; it is located in a confidential location, so much of the volunteer work for this branch is done at a separate location or through helping with tasks remotely.

Some of the things our volunteers can help us with includes grocery shopping for the shelter, organizing donations, cleaning and other household duties, gardening/yard work, handing out brochures/flyers, and assisting with community awareness activities.

For college students or qualifying adults that have a passion for this area of service and want to gain more experience, opportunities for internships are available.


Our Center is always grateful for all donations we receive, whether they are second-hand items, Christmas gifts for our Angel Tree, or in monetary form. All donations are given to clients who can best use them, or they are put towards improving the quality of services that we can provide.

Some specific items that we often have need for include, toiletry and hygiene items, clothing, cleaning supplies, and gently used household items/furniture. We also appreciate receiving new stuffed animals, as well as new blankets, which are given to each child that comes to our center.

Monetary donations are a wonderful way to support us, as well, and they allow us versatility in providing assistance to our clients. Each persons need is different and unique.

Donations can be dropped off at our Athens or Cleveland offices or mailed to PO Box 1561 Athens, TN 37371.

Raise Awareness

Helping us to raise awareness about who we serve and what services we provide is a huge help to us! The more others know increases their ability to recognize and help prevent violence. The way we respond to victims and/or survivors of violence is a crucial part of the journey to healing.

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